The energy meter is the main point of any solar or wind project. The integration and automatic download of the billing curves is essential to automatize the production of all your energy invoices. In QBI we can help you to upload all your PPA rates or feed in tariffs in each of your meters and have your energy invoices generated, booked and sent to the clients the day one of each month.  

Asset Management of residential solar portfolios is not an issue any more:

  • Assets database:
    • Location.
    • Costumer information.
    • Documentation.
  • PPAs by meter.
  • Automatic invoicing.
    • Fixed PPA.
    • TOU PPA.
    • Net Metering.
    • Fit.
    • Auto download of the meter.
    • Invoice calculation.
    • Auto invoice issuing to the costumer via email.
    • Integration with the accountancy system for booking with one click.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting platform.
    • Production by segment and location.
    • Performance of the assets follow up.
    • Work Orders and spare parts management.
    • Easy compare between assets.
    • Rate of failure by brand of components.

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