The reporting obligations may be very intensive in resources and time, is time to implement a business intelligence approach.


Now you can understand what is happening with your fleet like never before. QBi can implement in your company the latest technologies for data mining and transform your organization into a data driven company.

In QBi, we can integrate all your data sources under the same platform:

  • Meters Reading integration.
  • Local SCADAS sync.
  • Monitoring APIs.
  • Spare parts management software.
  • Accountancy systems.
  • Work orders and ticketing systems. 

Your reporting obligations are covered with one click. We can automatize:

  • Production reports with the main KPIs at park level.
    • Actual production
    • Actual resource (Insolation, wind speed....)
    • Actual Availability:
    • Estimated losses in kWh and local currency due to:
      • Unavailability due to controllable events.
      • Unavailability due to non-controllable events.
      • Underperformance.
    • Data quality processes to back fill and blanks filling.
  • Financial reports at SPV level:
    • Balance and P&L
    • Bank balances.
    • Aggregation and consolidated accounts.
  • Include all your technical and financial banking cases and budgets lines
    • Actuals Vs Banking case
    • Actuals Vs Budget.

We can generate dynamic dashboards with all your important KPIs, and put them directly on your mobile phone. Get one single source of truth for all your company and make your data available without cadence.


Stop guessing and start making better business decisions backed by data

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